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How to Change the Name of Your AirPods on iPhone, Windows PC, iPad, or Mac?

It’s challenging to keep track of all the Bluetooth devices, from your car’s audio to your sound headphones to your lounge room speakers. Because of this, it could be beneficial to rename gadgets such as the rename AirPods so that you will never get them confused with one another again.

Giving Bluetooth devices a name is not necessarily an essential function. But it does make it easier to keep track of one’s many electronic devices. If you give your AirPods unique names, it will be much simpler to choose them from the list of devices on your iPhone whenever you need to use them.

Furthermore, you are also curious about how to change your Airpod name.  In addition, this characteristic allows for a significant quantity of creative activity to take place. Here’s how to rename or change the name of your AirPods using either the Settings app on your iPhone.

Also, on the iPad or the System Preferences panel on your Mac. If you’re using an Apple Watch, you’ll use the Apple Watch app. You may make it much simpler to locate your AirPods among other Bluetooth-enabled devices by giving them a unique name.

Because not many people are familiar with how to rename AirPods, changing the name of your AirPods is a simple process. In addition, a lot of people aren’t aware of how to rename AirPods. You will find this article extremely helpful if you do not know how to change Airpod name. So keep reading.

How to Change AirPod Name on an iPhone

Just a few touches on your iPhone are needed to rename your AirPods. However, a lot of individuals are unaware of how to change Airpod name. . Furthermore, you are also curious about how to change your Airpod name. The AirPods must first be connected as usual. Below is the procedure.

   1. Take your AirPods out of their case and make sure that the Bluetooth feature on your iPhone is turned on.

how to rename airpods

   2. If they did not instantly connect, go to the settings on your iPhone and look for “Bluetooth”

how to change airpod name

   3. Next to your AirPods, tap the option “Not Connected.” Tap the info icon next to your AirPods on the same page after they have been linked.

how to rename airpods

   4. If you tap their name, you will be given the option to input a new one.

rename airpods

   5. Press the “Done” button, and they are ready to go.

how to change airpods name

   6. If you alter the name of your AirPods using one Apple ID, the adjustment will be reflected on all of the other devices on which the same Apple ID is signed in.

How to Rename Airpods on an Android Device

A significant number of individuals also use AirPods with Android phones. On Android, you may rename your AirPods, which will update the device’s name. It won’t get changed on any of your other devices. Many Android users also don’t know how to change Airpod name.

To change the name of your AirPods if they are already associated with your phone, go directly to your Bluetooth settings. Below are the steps that how to change Airpods name.

   1. To access the settings, long-press the Bluetooth symbol in your pull-down menu.

change airpods name

   2. Activate Bluetooth and wait for the list of associated devices to appear.

how to change airpods name

   3. Click the settings icon next to the name of your AirPods.

change your airpod name

   4. Give your friends new names by selecting “Rename” from the menu.

how to rename airpods

   5. Once you click “Rename”, you’re finished.

rename airpods

   7. Follow these procedures for every device where you use your AirPods.

How to Rename AirPods on a Windows PC

If your computer has Bluetooth capabilities, renaming your AirPods on Windows will be a snap. The catch: the modifications only apply to your computer; your AirPods will continue to be listed by their previous names on other gadgets.

However, how to change Airpod name is a simple procedure. The Bluetooth device menu on your PC may still be kept structured by giving your AirPods a unique name. If you already have your AirPods linked, follow these instructions.

   1. Select Control Panel from the Windows menu to access it.

rename airpods

   2. “Gadgets and Printers” should be chosen.

Rename airpods on a windows pc

   3. On the list of Bluetooth devices, locate your AirPods.

how to rename airPods on a windows pc

   4. When you right-click it, choose “Properties.”

rename airpods on windows pc

   5. Click on the “Bluetooth” tab.

how to rename airpods on a windows pc

   6. Change your device’s name.

   7. Press “Submit” but then just “OK”.

How to Rename Airpods on MAC

It’s also relatively simple to rename your Airpods on a Mac. Many citizens don’t seem to know how to change Airpods name.

   1. Your Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, or any other iMac machine can use this technique. Please confirm once again that your AirPods are linked before moving on.

   2. Choose “System settings” from the Apple menu.

   3. Go to the Bluetooth settings.

   4. Right-click the Airpods whose name you wish to modify.

   5. Go to the menu and choose “Rename.”

   6. To verify the name, press the “Rename” button.


In this article, I go through the steps necessary how to change AirPods name. Following the steps outlined above will allow you to give your AirPods a name that is uniquely yours. Even if you find the one that comes pre-set on your device dull.

Operating on different devices is the only way to guarantee that the new name you give your AirPods will appear on all your other devices. On the other hand, you can alter the name that is shown for the earbuds while using Android and Windows. Thanks for Reading!

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