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How to Fix Instagram Filters Not Working?

Instagram allows you to modify images and videos with various artistic filters and effects. These provide a certain touch of personality and excitement to your tales. But what should you do if you suddenly find the Instagram filters not working effectively? So! Don’t panic if you’re experiencing the same bad luck.

Instagram makes it simple to recycle filters. Let’s look at some potential solutions to Instagram’s filters and effects not activating on your Android or iOS device.

Why are Instagram Filters not Working?

There is a possibility that more than one factor(s) contributed to the failure of the Instagram filters. There are a few potential explanations for why Instagram filters not working properly.

However, we have devised several solutions for every Instagram user struggling with this issue, and we will provide them below. Keep reading until you get to the end to get the answers.

How to Fix Instagram Filters not Working?

This section will cover solutions ranging in complexity from the simplest to the most complex. If you carry out these steps in the specified sequence, you will eventually find a solution to Instagram filters not working.

1. Restart Your Phone

If you’re having trouble with Instagram’s filters or effects, try restarting your device immediately. Restarting the device should solve any leftover app difficulties if a filter or effect isn’t working properly. Please turn off your iOS or Android phone completely before attempting to restart it. Now, you need to power it back up.

Power off Your Device

2. Remove Cache

If you’re using Instagram on an Android device and are having trouble with filters and effects, try deleting the app’s cache. Your Instagram data and other information on your phone won’t be affected by clearing the cache; it will just delete temporary files. It would help if you didn’t worry about anything at all.

Here are the steps you need due to clean Instagram’s cache:

  • First, go into your phone’s Settings menu.
  • Select “Apps,” then “Instagram,” to access the app.

  • Then, choose Storage and click Clear cache.

remove Cache on instagram

  • Restart the mobile device.

3. Update Your Instagram App

If rebooting Instagram still doesn’t restore your filter options, the next best thing is downloading the latest version of the app. Due to software issues, Instagram’s filters and effects don’t always apply properly. To resolve these kinds of problems, update the app.

Search for “Instagram” on the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android) right now. To get the latest version of Instagram, click the icon labeled “Update” located next to the app. When the update is complete, you should restart your phone. Assuming everything goes well, Instagram’s filter options should be available again.

4. Reinstall Your Instagram App

A fresh installation of Instagram is worth trying if everything else fails. This is a desperate effort and should be used only if you have tried everything else and the above filters are still not working.

Instagram users should save their photos, Stories, and other data from the app before uninstalling it and starting over if they ever decide to reinstall it. Refresh your device’s memory by restarting it.

reinstall instagram app

Then go to the App Store or Google Play and search for “Instagram.” Please put it back together, and hope that the filters come back.

5. Verify Your Device’s Storage and Settings

Device storage is another common reason for Instagram filter failure. Instagram won’t work properly if your phone has too many saved files, applications, and pictures. Access the storage options by going into the device’s settings. Get enough room for Instagram to function properly.

The next step is to examine the current time zone settings. Many Instagram filters depend on the user’s precise location. Instagram could not realize that you are permitted to use the filters if you recently traveled, changed your phone’s OS, or downloaded an unexpected third-party app.

Furthermore, to change your time zone, go to the settings menu and enter “Time Zone” in the search field. The phone should be set to Automatic mode. If that’s the case, you may need to manually change your time zone settings. Next, give Instagram’s filters another goes.

6. Delete the Trash from Your Phone

This may seem like a strange solution, but it has helped most Instagram users who were having trouble applying filters. When an image is erased, it is sent to the “recently deleted” or “trash” folder. After a few days in the garbage, it becomes permanently removed.

You should empty the trash as soon as possible if there are several files. It is safe to relaunch Instagram once you have removed all garbage from the app. Now that a fix has been implemented, the Instagram filters should function without problems.


Most Instagram users use filters to improve their images’ attractiveness before sharing them online. It’s possible that certain Instagram filters are not working when you try to use them. If you’re having trouble with your Instagram filter, try one of these possible fixes. Read this article, and maybe you’ll find the answer you’re looking for!

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