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How to Fix iphone’s liquid detected in Lightning connector – Alert

Apple is the name of a big brand that has always listened to its customers and provided solutions to each problem through a feature. There are several notifications and alerts that are programmed to receive on your screen when something is wrong.

You might be seeing a message on your iPhone screen that says: “liquid detected in Lightning connector” or “Charging not available” due to liquid in iPhone. Which most probably indicates that there is liquid in your iPhone’s port or the Lightning connector.

You must have connected the lightning without realizing that there is liquid inside of it or somewhere near its plug or maybe there is moisture inside the iPhone’s charging port. A lightning connector provides more power than a standard android charger. Today we will discuss how to fix the liquid detected in Lightning connector issue.

Note: This error can only be found in the iPhone X and above models. So if you have an iPhone X or above then this is a perfect guide for you.

How are we going to fix this issue?

Let’s dive into the details.

When you have been shown a liquid detection notification, there are two options you will see on your iPhone’s screen along with the alert message written above.“Emergency Override” and “Dismiss” are the two options that are shown to you. The emergency Override option only shows up when you are low on battery and tries to connect the connector too many times.

So if you are seeing an optional emergency option then do not tap it. Because it basically ignores the issue and makes your iPhone accessible but it could cause the iPhone to not work properly. So just Dismiss it and make sure to dry out your iPhone first. Here is how you can dry your iPhone:

  1. First, turn off your iPhone and unplug all the connectors or cables.

liquid detected in Lightning connector

2. Now you need to tap your iPhone with the palm of your hand with the lightning connector facing down so that liquid can easily escape your iPhone.

iPhone with the palm of your hand

3. Wait at least 2 hours and when it’s fully dried, connect the lightning connector with it and it will surely start charging as normal.

liquid detected in Lightning connector

If you are still seeing the “Liquid detected in lightning connector” notification then that probably means that your lightning connector cable has been damaged.

Wireless charging

If you are in a rush, or if your lightning connector cable is damaged then you can always have the option to wirelessly charge the iPhone. If your iPhone is 8 or above then you will be able to charge it wirelessly via Apple’s MagSafe charger. MagSafe charger provides you with the safest way to get your iPhone charging right away.

What are the reasons your iPhone is showing a liquid detection notification?

Humidity is one of the reasons why you are shown a “liquid detected in lightning connector” notification. It creates moisture which is simply wet air. Moisture can be found in the lightning connector as well.

Rainy weather is most likely to get your iPhone wet even when it’s in your pocket.

Accidentally spilled water: if you have accidentally spilled some kind of liquid on your iPhone that will also result in a notification alert.

No matter the reason, you just need to dry out the charging port of your iPhone and it like for sure resolve the issue for you.

The Bottom-Line

In this article, we have provided you with every solution to your wet iPhone port notification. iPhone is known for its amazing features and with each new iPhone comes a new feature or an improved one. This liquid detection alert we are talking about is only be found in the iPhone x or later models.

When you receive a liquid detection alert, you must not plug your iPhone with the charger because it could damage your iPhone. First, make sure that it is fully dried, and then after at least 2 hours plug the charger back in.

If you still receive the notification, then that probably means your charger is damaged. So in the case of a damaged charger, you can always go for a Magsafe charger. Using a MagSafe charger you can wirelessly charge your iPhone which is most probably the safest way to charge it. Thanks for reading|!

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