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Everything To Know About Yellow Heart On Snapchat

Maybe you’ve used Snapchat and been curious about the emojis next to your buddies’ names. There is a multitude of emojis available, each of which may be used to convey a unique dimension of your connection with the other person. The top status as someone’s best friend is represented by the yellow heart on Snapchat.

It is among the most looked after distinctions on Snapchat. This signifies that you and the other are ranking equally high on each other’s lists of best friends. If you and your partner exchange the most snaps, you both get a yellow heart on Snapchat.

A yellow heart on Snapchat represents the first fourteen days of becoming someone’s best friend. After two weeks, the heart will turn red to show that you are even now each other’s best friends. For many people in Today’s Generation, social media doesn’t get much more mainstream than Snapchat. Read on if you’re interested in learning the latest about yellow heart on Snapchat.

When Do You Get Yellow Heart on Snapchat?

Yellow Heart On Snapchat

Sending a lot of Snapchats to one another is the quickest and easiest method to earn the yellow heart with another user. It would be best if you spent more time doing this with one another compared to doing it with others. Getting the yellow heart with another user might be more challenging if you or they often snap with a large number of people.

As a result, attaining the “best buddy” rank will take far more time than before, given that there will be more individuals to compete with. Even if you truly want to obtain a yellow heart with somebody, it is attainable; you must ensure you snap them every time you possibly can.

What is the Duration of the Yellow Heart ?

When you and a friend become the top best friends on Snapchat, the yellow heart appears on both of your profiles for two weeks. If you and another user continue to be the closest friends on Snapchat for two weeks, the heart will become red.

Can You Have the Yellow Heart with More Than One Person?

No, a yellow heart cannot be shared by more than one individual. It requires effort to achieve and keep this unique emoji’s excellency. The yellow heart is still more accessible than other buddy emojis like the red and pink hearts. Stop sending snaps to the person you don’t want to be best friends with as much, and start snap chatting with the person you want.

The Significance of the Yellow Heart

The yellow heart on Snapchat is significant because it may only be sent to another user.  Best friend rank, represented by a yellow heart, is only achieved by exchanging snaps with the individual you snapped the most with and who returns the same. Gaining access to more advanced friendship emojis, such as the red or pink heart, requires the yellow heart as a condition. It reveals your Snapchat best friend with the highest number of snaps sent to them.

Can You Modify the Yellow Heart in Snapchat?

On Snapchat, the default heart emoji is yellow, but you may customize it to whatever color you choose. You can modify the Snapchat emojis you use with your friends by selecting the ones you like most. You may swap the yellow heart for a different emoji under Settings > Additional Services > Manage > Friend Emojis. You may change the heart’s shade or select an alternative emoji, such as a pizza slice, fire, etc.

Can the Yellow Heart in Snapchat Be Remove?

There are a few different methods to remove the yellow heart on Snapchat.

· Blocking

All you need to do is temporarily quiet someone by blocking them, then unblock them to restart the chat from the beginning.

Yellow Heart on Snapchat

· Insert a Different Emoji

Just hit the button in the upper right corner. To change a setting for friends’ emojis on the phone, go to Manage > Friend Emojis and tap the switch for that setting. Once you arrive here, you may replace the default yellow heart emoji with any other emoji of your choosing.

Insert a Different Emoji

· Stop Sending the Snaps

Avoid banning or unfriending the individual by simply stopping to give them snaps if you no longer want to see the yellow heart. Avoiding them till the golden heart goes.

Stop sending snaps

· Talk to Another Person

It’s also possible to increase your app activity by pairing up with someone else.

talk to another person


If you’ve used it, you’ve probably seen emojis next to people’s names in the app. Your emoji exchanges on Snapchat are collected and evaluated. On Snapchat, the word “Besties” is represented by a yellow heart.

Our understanding of the significance of the yellow heart on Snapchat icon has been much improved. We’ve tried to compile all the key details for you in one place. We hope you’ll get important knowledge from this article. Thank You for Reading!

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